Born Free 4

Here are some pics from Born Free 4 on June 30th. Now this is what we call “bike porn”. Mature audiences please.



The Beginning

New and imporoved! Thanks Gabe for recommending and introducing me to the world of wordpress.

OK OK, this I feel will be the main source for Nothing Routine’s fancy updates, news, pictures and projects.

Getting the feel of things yet? Nothing Routine.. Not your normal day to day. Always all over the place, and never repetitive.

Nothing Routine is what I have narrowed it down to. And the first limited tee shirts are done, and lots have been sold! I have a few left, so here is the current inventory as of 4/25/12:

S: 6

M: 4

L: 3

XL: 2

These rad tees are of a collaboration of 3 people, and 3 gifted talents who came together to make one thing. The love for motorcycles, with a pair of eyeballs and a camera, and a set of hands like Muhammed Ali. One rider, one photographer and one screen printer. Please check them out on to purchase, or please inquiry within to check current inventory. Asking $10 for each LIMITED TEE. I mean, 10 of each size were done. 40 TOTAL. Limited version for first press.

Stay tuned for more to come. Lots of ideas in the works, just need to align some planets, and get some tickets paid off. Holla!

-Nothing Routine-