“Babe” ’69 CB350 Build

2013-03-26 17.18.24

“The Babe” as I like to call her, my ’69 CB350 is now currently running… and Dyno-myte. It’s been a little over 5 years since I’ve originally bought the bike. This is the one I’ve always referred to as to get going, rebuild and keep as my sole bike, wherever I may go. She’s coming with me. Some pictures to show the progress, and goodies going into the motor, and elsewhere. Been so fun to build, take my time, and hear it run as of late April, 2013. Life is good! New STD sleeves and pistons provide for the compression, to go with all new valves, springs, all that stuff up top. This was HUGE for this bike, as it was something I dreamed of doing. Mission accomplished.

2013-01-26 18.51.32 2013-01-26 18.53.08

 2013-02-21 12.03.112013-02-21 12.03.062013-03-17 12.10.212013-03-17 12.11.15

Once the cases were split, new cam chain went in. Layed everything out. Kept it original Honda with new roller wheels on the cam chain adjuster, and new cam chain guide. Looks like fun doesn’t it. A friend came over with precise timing, unknowingly, to help slide the pistons into the cylinders. Be careful of the rubber guides along the tensioner. I used assembly lube to stick em down and hold em so they won’t move around and end up in the bottom of the motor. Been there done that..

2013-03-17 12.12.052013-03-17 16.27.282013-03-17 16.25.472013-03-19 20.48.20

Got the cam timed up flat with the mating surface. Lookin good. What I’ve come to realize is after doing this a few times, it won’t line up EXACTLY flat with the surface, but if you are off a tooth or two, you will notice it. I know it runs, so now I know to trust my gut that I got it down.

Since it will be kick-start only, I got a block off plate for the starter motor. Machined piece of aluminum to take its place. Saves me a few pounds there. I got a nice AGM Battery for it too, to provide some blue spark. 12V, 14aH and 220 cold cranking amps provide the power. I sure will need it for dependability and reliability manners.

2013-02-21 17.12.412013-02-21 17.13.21

2013-03-19 20.49.062013-03-19 22.53.10

Some new caps to add some bling. New EBC clutch went in on the right side, with new seals, circlips, and washers. Wanted to take my time and do things right, the first time. Proper peace of mind, and treat the ol motor with some respect in bringing it back to life.

2013-03-12 11.06.192013-03-12 11.06.39

Once everything was ready to go, placed the heart into the frame, and started the next round of fun. Electrical and installing some.. drum roll please….. Mikuni VM30 carburetors.. Yes we all know these things are a pretty penny, so I’ll just thank Uncle Sam for the tax refund this year in helping me afford them. Oh they sure are pretty. 2013-03-26 16.40.032013-03-26 16.39.10

2013-03-26 16.39.182013-03-26 16.54.04

In the place of points I got a Pamco electronic ignition to sit pretty up top and take care of timing.. Ohhhh the wonders of technology! With the strong battery, and this setup, I sure hope to have reliability for a long time to come.

Got the wiring sorted down to the needed wires. Bought a light switch from Dime City, and took a good day to spread the wiring out and work out what was needed. Kickstart only, headlight and taillight narrows it down.


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