Nothing Routine stems from the love of Motorcycles. This is my passion. I went to MMI in Phoenix, AZ and graduated with all 4 Asian manufacture certificates in 2006. A lot of people ask me, “Why don’t you work in a shop, follow what you went to school for, work on bikes?” Well, I don’t want a boss, and I don’t want to be hassled by the flat rate routine and deadline approach.. I like to take my time with working on bikes and every little bit is enjoyable. I’d rather do my own thing and work on MY own bikes or focus on a recent project to flip than do some fork seals for somebody else’s bike to ride the next day. Yeah a lot of money is owed towards school payments, but it’s all a learning experience. And worth it in my eyes. I’d rather do the work than trust somebody under a shop with my motor to be honest.

Earlier this year I sold a 1969 Honda CL350. Orange and White radical paint scheme, and possibly a Japanese or European import model. Never found out the real details, but it was an awesome find.

1969 Honda CL350, possible Import model

Proceeds of such sale went towards printing the shirts you have seen around; My MG1-T wheelie and Captain Chinthunder. I had a big plan to sell these at the 2nd Annual LA Beard and Moustache Competition. While the competition was an excellent time, meeting and hanging with my friends and meeting new people, sales didn’t exactly meet my expectation.

Comrades, this is what it all comes down to: I should have used the green backs from selling this CL350 to rebuild my babe. A 1969 CB350 rat bike/Mad Max wonder:


She needs a full rebuild. Valves gone through, new cylinder sleeve, piston and rings. Gonna throw electronic ignition and possibly new carbs on her. She needs love. She has ran before but always had some quirks, and so now, it’s time to buck down and get it going for real. To last. How about a ride up the coast? I wanna say “No prob!”.

Basically: Every shirt I sell from here on out is going to go to savings. Honestly, I’m not even really making a profit on a sale of $10/shirt. So don’t feel I’m out to rob your wallet to fatten my own. Just believe and realize you’re out to help a cause and get a bike back on the road. This CB needs to see better days and mountain twisties!

So if you feel obliged to check out some shirts, with hopefully stickers or more shirts to come, check outmy BIGCARTEL to view the goods and/or purchase one and/or many.

1966 Yamaha MG1-T wheelie
Captain Chinthunder brings it to you real raw.

Thanks for your support and hey, keep doing what you’re doing out there. Ride, be happy, and celebrate the one life you have.

.Nothing Routine.





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