CT-90: Return to Origin

What’s up folks. Well here we are. Its October 2012, the world as we know it, is on its way out in December.. and who’s having the party December 20th so at midnight we can all rage one last time? I think I might be throwing something.. Anyways..

1966 CT-90

This here is litterally a bucket. A project I jumped into at the age of 22 years old. (I’m 28 now haha..) It was a rebuild project I thought I could take on after meeting a customer at a warehouse I used to work at. He traded me two machines in order for labor on his 1966 CT-90.  I’ve been trying to find the pictures, but one was a mid 80’s Yamaha 350cc two-smoke 3-wheeler, and an early 80’s Banshee quad. Both ran, and were pretty complete. Not a bad deal really, but I sold them, made some money, and spent it around town… After much digging into this bad boy CT-90, it revealed it needed a new piston/rings, new cylinder, etc.. was way too much to take on as a first restoration project. As time grew, I eventually left the country and travelled to Europe for a couple months, changed my phone number a few times, and moved to Santa Barbara. A lot has gone on and I think this guy has considered this bike GONE, with a who-knows-what-happened-to-it attitude towards it. From what I remember, this guy bought this bike new! It has the coolest buddy seat with Orange County Honda screen printed on it.. so you know it’s legit. It has been on my mind for YEEEEAAAAAAAAARSSS to get this thing going again, and return it to its loyal owner.. Since moving back in with my Mom in March, it was one idea to get this thing from under the work bench, back on its wheels with the world, and back to the original owner.

So after a few open days and a few hours wrenching in the garage, it is now complete! Starts first kick and purrs like a kitten. Check out the progress.

1966 CT-90

Fresh jug


Electrical fun!

Freshly upholstered seat.. Almost there!

Legit Buddy seat


Now, just need to get it to the original owner, (who I happened to speak to the other day.) Had to do some investigation to get his number, but some people involved along the process came through and delivered. Humbling times.. Stay tuned!