Supporting out in the field!

Radical thanks for Joshua and Misi for representing on their adventures over the weekend! Josh lives in Bakersfield and was on a bike run with his club up to Big Bear. Ahhh summer time rides through the moutain twisties are one of the greatest things to experience!Image

Misi created something different, awesomly fitting for the term “Nothing Routine”, by cutting her shirt and wearing it as a skirt to a TriCo/TrueTattoo raffle event! Thank you so much fellow comrades!


After being at the LB moto swap meet on Sunday, I also met a guy from 24 Cycles who was wearing one he got at the LA Beard Competition.. Awesome and very grateful to see these out and about! Keep that word a spreading as I’m working on business cards to get done and hand out within coming weeks. 

Till then, keep easy and irie!



Late July 2012

I’m going crazy. I need to ride a motorcycle. That, OR if i can get a six flags trip in the next few days… That would suffice for my need of a thrill and speed. Maybe after next paycheck.

“what’s up?”.. If I had psychiatrist, I would want them to ask me that question. It would make me so happy. And this is what I would say:

I want to do a lot of things. I want to build that Maico. I need to build that CT-90. get that going. I want to take a lot of pictures. I need to take a lot of pictures. I need bikes. I need to ride. I gotta call Dad. I want my bike running so badly. Time. money. It all sucks. Patience is killing me right now. Can it pay off this time? I want my bike to be a


 Need some help getting some things done. Motor work. Custom goods. Biltwell. Going to the LB Swap meet on Sunday. Going to be there with the wagon selling tees, trying to beat the system.. (instead of buying a vendor spot). Haven’t been in a year or more, so I’m anxious to get out there and indulge in the Long Beach sun rays.

Well, see ya’ll there! Here’s a picture to end the night’s vent:

1st Dez Race with Mom and Grandma. Finished within top 3 in my category :]

Handlebar stache and all.