The “About”.

Thank you to each and everyone of you for coming and attending the Beard competition! I met a lot of people, and still wanted to meet tons more if time had allowed for it. I volunteered to help with the competition and was downstairs most of the night, leading competitors to the green room… which was very rad to be a part of the backstage stuf! :] Was then tossed to the stage once the competition started, so I was away from the booth most of the night. A big shout out to my friends who were there representing me while I couldn’t be there! Without them, I couldn’t have done anything! THANK YOU FRIENDS! I better not have to name drop, you hopefully know who you are :]

Thank you to all who have left an email on the email list! You should be getting an email regarding this very damn long and overdue update, which is where I plan to keep some things jotted down as to current projects, goals, and for you to send some input! Nothing Routine is all about change. And change is positive.

Here’s the deal: I’ve always wanted to start my own gig. I’ve always had that entrepreneurship mindset. I’ve always been one to make things happen for myself; hard to trust others or wanting to rely on them. I’d always rather do things myself, in fear of them never happening by leaving it up to anyone else. Kind of puts me at a mental ease. It’s also very fun and rewarding. The idea I would like to create is more of a community. A community of positive vibes that evolve around motorcycles, laughter, bearding, beer, adventures of life and just being real. Celebrate who you are and what you’ve come from. What you’ve experienced and a way to share them with others. It’s a collaboration art. Kind of like a tattoo. A tattoo is a collaboration between you and your artist.. Well at least I hope it is.. and not something just thrown off the wall onto your arm.. Nothing Routine doesn’t like that.

In the mean time, I’m going to try and update with a whole bunch of pictures from the Born Free 4 show in Irvine over the past weekend.. It was pretty damn awesome. Very motivatiing. Please click that follow button folks!

-Matt Lee

Nothing Routine


2nd LA Beard and Moustache Competition! June 24th 2012

When this shot was taken in the summer of 2011 in Santa Barbara, I had no idea what would come of it. After seeing the shot on the computer screen, I wanted to do lots with it! So here I am, taking a risk on following my intentions of doing big things. Ideas came to brewing as to somehow get this image out there. Stickers? Interweb? T-shirts! After making some phone calls, I met Joe Beraldo with Beware of the Humans. The guy is legit. He helped me create Nothing Routine, and print this rad picture onto a t-shirt for you all to enjoy. I started with a small print quantity of 40 and have sold most of what was made just through co-workers and friends.

With the popularity of the logo which is on the back of #1, I decided to throw it big on the front.

So now the time has come for you to get yours! At the 2nd Annual Los Angeles Beard and Moustache Competition! On June 24th 2012, I will be at the Belasco Theatre in downtown LA vending these pieces of artillery for a mere $15… 15 DOLL HAIRS! (I promise, if you bring me 15 doll hairs, I will barter you a t-shirt).. But since cash rules everything, I’ll be accepting that as well :]

But! Wait a second… If you’re lucky, I will also be donating a few shirts to the raffle being held at the event! So come out and enjoy some good vibes, sweet bodacious beards, and well groomed moustaches at the 2nd LA Beard and Moustache Competition. This one will be big folks, so I urge you to get your tickets soon! Visit for more info. You can also check out and pre-order a t-shirt if you’d like at my Bigcartel store. Big things a’ comin!

See you there!

-Matt Lee